Bando Glass Fume & Crushed Opal Slide 14mm #8

Joint Size: 14mm MaleYear Made: 2018Country of Origin: Canada..

$77.62 USD
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Ben Cator Egyptian Cold Carved Tube

Height: 6"Base Size: 3" Weight: 168gJoint Size: 10mm MaleJoint Angle: 45°Downstem: FixedPerc: 2 HoleYear Made: 2014Country of Origin: BC CanadaColour: Pink Slyme & Black..

$620.93 USD
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Big Z Worked Rig 18mm

Joint Size: 18mm MaleJoint Angle: 90°Perc: CircYear Made: 2013Country of Origin: USA..

$380.32 USD
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Biglin B-Weiz Collab Rig

Height: 6 ¾"Base Size: 3"Weight: 255gJoint Size: 10mm FemaleJoint Angle: 45°Downstem: RemovablePerc: 2-holeCountry of Origin: Canada..

$931.39 USD
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Biglin Lip Wrapped Mini Tube Blue & Orange

Height: 5 ½"Base Size: 2 ¼"Weight: 117gJoint Size: 10mmJoint Angle: 45°Downstem: FixedPerc: 2-HoleYear Made: 2016Country of Origin: Canada..

$232.85 USD
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